DevLab bio is a CLIA clinical laboratory offering specialty testing, test development and product development. Our goal is to be your clinical lab testing and development partner. One of our main focuses at this time is Covid-19 testing. We are working closely with regional physicians and offer direct access testing to patients who do not have insurance or cannot use insurance for their testing needs.

Our mission is two-fold: 1) to provide high-quality clinical laboratory testing for means of clinical diagnosis to assist clinicians in practicing cost-effective medicine and 2) to provide biotech start-ups and small to mid-size companies the necessary resources and expertise for the development and commercialization of concepts, including services up to and including FDA approval, in areas of interest including clinical diagnostics, medical devices, cosmetics, and food testing, in a highly professional, expert-driven, and cost effective manner in compliance with all applicable regulatory bodies. We specialize in molecular and immunoassay test development; however, the depth and breath of our experience provides much broader support for your test or product development.

We provide a full suite of molecular and immunoassay contract research resources for your DNA, RNA and immunoassays needs.  DevLab bio leverages years of experience in molecular, ELISA, cell culture to effectively and efficiently support your projects.  Our focus is on your success and we know that being on time and on budget is essential. DevLab bio welcomes projects of all sizes and varied types of project work.  Our team can assist you with DNA/RNA extractions and analysis.  We utilize Real-Time PCR, providing quantitative, qualitative or gene expression analysis. Additionally, if you need Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) analysis, we can design and run the assay and get the results quickly.

If you have your sights on FDA or Pre-Market approval, then our team is ready to move your idea from from product development to the next stage. DevLab bio provides clinical test development, molecular and immunoassay contract research support for clinical research and pre-clinical studies.  Our strategic agility moves projects quickly to the next level while reducing risks and avoiding unnecessary costs.

 Our experienced team is ready to be your first choice in clinical test development for your contract research project.  Submit your request now to get started!

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