Who we are

We are an innovative contract research laboratory and a high-complexity, CAP Accredited (#8835544) and CLIA certified (#45D2187554) clinical diagnostics laboratory. With a highly skilled scientific team, we provide a high-quality, unique solution for those needing either molecular assay or immunoassay development and/or clinically regulated support.

what we do

Patient care is of the utmost importance in the medical field. To ensure that patients receive the best possible care, tests must be developed to assess their condition and identify any potential problems.

Our contract research laboratory services include proof of concept and a strong focus on Laboratory Determined Tests (LDT) and FDA approval for 510(k), EUA projects. Moreover, we can assist with a variety of genomic services, such as DNA/RNA Extractions, PCR/QPCR/RT-PCR and Next Generation Sequencing. Further, we can work with you on a variety of Immunoassay Services include Cell Culture, ELISA and Custom Assay Development. Our unique position as a clinical diagnostics laboratory allows us to provide additional high-quality lab services to assist further with meeting the needs of clinical research and clinical test development and sample processing.

Although, many of our clients are in biotech and pharma, we have worked with customers in cosmetics, food and beverage and more. Consequently, our contract research services offer a breadth and depth of knowledge in the Life Sciences, clinical testing, regulatory requirements and much more. We look forward to meeting you and learning more about your project goals. Initially, we will discuss your general project needs and once we sign an NDA we will dive deeper into your project details. Consequently, we will develop a plan to meet your requirements and deliver quality results in a timely manner.

Contact us today at 866-983-0667 or [email protected] to discuss how our contract research services can help you with your project.

Additional Contract Research Services