Risk Management

Covid-19 Workplace Testing is one of many aspects of a total solution to risk management in your company.  It is a forward thinking aspect of your overall safety measure you have already installed in your daily operations.  We are better together. Protect your team and your business with a proactive approach. We will work with you and discuss an approach that will fit your business need.

Results provided same day or within 24 hours depending on the evaluation and need.  This quick result delivery allows for a quick response to contain viral spread. We utilize the CDC recommended, EUA-approved RT-PCR Covid-19 test and results are provided to via electronic delivery.

Staying Safe
Protect Your Team
Better Together


Covid-19 Workplace Testing approached in a cost-effective manner to avoid an uncontrolled outbreak in your company.

Quick results allow your company to be more nimble while dealing with the evolving viral pandemic.

Back To Work

Using Covid-19 Workplace Testing to test employees prior to returning to work helps prevents spread of infection.

Whether your business is re-opening or work-at-home employees are returning to your onsite location, testing can help reduce bringing the infection into your workplace.


Recovery Strategy

Providing antibody testing for your employees is an effective strategy to understand how well your staff is protected.

Quantitative antibody testing will provide insight into whether employees may have developed an immune response to the Covid-19 virus.

Ready to Move Forward

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