Contract Research Services & Product Development

DevLab offers Contract Research Services through a comprehensive suite designed to provide clients with the outsourcing tools to complete their projects and research.  We specialize in pre-clinical studies, product development and technologies development; however, many of our clients have non-clinical projects and we work closely with them to ensure we meet their expectations. Our clients are from varied background and industries. 

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • Food and Beverage
  • Biotech

We work with small and larger, multi-phase projects from assay development to complete novel platform assay testing and product development.

The First Step Toward Contract Research Services
Contract Research Services & Product Development

The first step on the path to your successful project completion is to contact us with your contact information and a brief summary of your project. This can be a very high-level overview or topic. Once we receive your contact information, we will schedule a brief introduction call, review your projects and our contract research capabilities and at that time will discuss your NDA requirements. After we have a signed NDA in place, we will take a deep dive into your project and development needs so we can provide a detailed proposal with timeline. After you agree to that proposal, we will be begin working on your project, provide timely updates on completion, including benchmarks met. Our lines of communications are always open and a very important part of your project success!

DevLab bio's Contract Research Services core research and assay development capabilities include:

  • In Vitro Assay Development
  • Immunoassay Test Development
  • Cell Therapy Assay Development
  • Gene Therapy Assay Development
  • Pharmaceutical Delivery & Formulation Testing
  • Product Formulation & Purity Testing
  • CDX Medical Device Testing & Optimization
  • Reagent QC Assay Development
  • Bacterial & Mammalian Cell Culture
  • Genetic Engineering (e.g. , CRISPR/Cas9, Cre/Lox)
  • Plasmid Vector Construction
  • Recombinant Protein Expression, Optimization & Purification

In addition to these Contract Research Services, DevLab bio provides expertise and support for prototype development and 510K regulatory pathways. 

DevLab bio also offers a variety of specialty and custom research and development services. Our Contract Research Services team is looking forward to working closely with you on product development or support your assay development needs. For more information and to connect with our team, please complete the form below.