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We offer Contract Research Services through a comprehensive suite, including both molecular test development or molecular assay development and immunoassay development designed to provide clients with a sample processing service and for those with more extensive projects needs we can take your idea and develop your product.  We specialize in assay development, sample processing, pre-clinical studies, product development and technologies development; however, many of our clients have non-clinical projects and we work closely with them to ensure we meet their expectations. Our clients are from varied background and industries. Contract Research Services Molecular Immunoassay

We are not just an assay development company - we are so much more. We work with small companies and start-up and larger organizations multi-phase projects from assay development to complete novel platform assay testing and product development. We can develop custom assays and process samples. Contract research services, Contract research service company, DNA extractions, Next Gen Sequencing services, Clinical research organization, Contract research organization, Contract assay services, Assay development, Molecular services, Molecular biology services, Molecular diagnostics, Molecular testing lab, Molecular assay development service, Elisa assay development, SNP genotyping, Immunoassay Test Development, Cell Therapy Assay Development, Gene Therapy Assay Development, molecular test development, molecular testing, molecular diagnostics, nex gen sequencing, assay development company

Contract Research Services


Do you have current molecular or immunoassay products that you would like to have developed into kits or different assays? Do you need an assay development company that can develop molecular tests, molecular assay development or molecular diagnostic test development or perhaps Immunoassay development?  Do you need Next Gen Sequencing for your project? We can help determine the best avenue for your market and collaborate with you on development. Or perhaps you have an idea and need some help researching the best direction.  We can work with you to decide the best path, develop assays and bring your product to fruition. If you are looking for molecular or immunoassay development, we can assist you. Don't see what you need here? Contact  us anyway.  We may be able to help or point you in the best direction.

Molecular Assay


Molecular Services:

    • Bioinformatics
    • DNA/RNA Extraction
    • Genetic Engineering (g. , CRISPR/Cas9, Cre/Lox)
    • Genotyping
    • Gene Expression
    • Next Generation Sequencing
    • Plasmid Vector Construction
    • Recombinant Protein Expression, Optimization & Purification
    • Molecular Assay Development
    • Sample Processing

Immuno/Cell-based Services:

    • Bacterial & Mammalian Cell Culture
    • ELISA Assay Development
    • Cell Viability
    • Immunoassay Development
    • Sample Processing

More Services:

    • CDX Medical Device Testing & Optimization
    • Cell Therapy Assay Development
    • Gene Therapy Assay Development
    • Immunoassay Test Development
    • Pharmaceutical Delivery & Formulation Testing
    • Product Formulation & Purity Testing
    • Reagent QC Assay Development
    • Sample Processing

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Pharmaceutical Delivery & Formulation Testing, Product Formulation & Purity Testing, CDX Medical Device Testing & Optimization, Reagent QC Assay Development, Bacterial & Mammalian Cell Culture, Genetic Engineering (e.g. , CRISPR/Cas9, Cre/Lox), Plasmid Vector Construction, PCR/qPCR/RT-PCR, Recombinant Protein Expression, Optimization & Purification, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), Bioinformaticscontract research organization
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