dna and rna extractions

DNA and RNA Extraction

DEVLAB BIO provides quality DNA and RNA extractions services. Most sample types can be processed:

  • Mammalian Cells
  • Blood or Blood Components
  • Blood Cards
  • Tissue
  • Paraffin-Embedded Tissue
  • Formalin-Fixed Tissue
  • Gram Negative and Positive Bacteria
  • Saliva/Sputum
  • Urine
  • Stool
  • Plant Material

All extracted material will be quantitated and normalized as needed for client specific downstream uses. 

dna and rna extraction services

DNA extraction is a process of purifying the DNA from a sample of cells. It is often the first step in preparing DNA for downstream applications such as qPCR or NGS. DNA can be extracted from almost any tissue in the body. Today, the most common method of extraction is to use a DNA extraction kit that can be purchased from a variety of retailers. The DNA kit contains a buffer and other chemicals that break down the cell membranes and release the DNA. The DNA is then isolated from the other cellular components using a separation technique such as centrifugation.

RNA extraction is a technique used to purify RNA from a sample. The sample can be from any tissue or cell type, and the RNA can be isolated from any stage of the gene expression cycle. There are many different methods for extracting RNA, but all of them rely on some basic steps: breaking open the cells, dissolving the RNA, and separating it from other cellular components.


downstream analysis

PCR/QPCR and NGS are two of the most frequent techniques for DNA analysis. They both have their plusses and drawbacks, so it’s critical to select the best technique for your needs.

PCR is a relatively simple and quick method, while NGS is more complex and takes longer to complete. However, NGS can provide more detailed information about your sample.

If you’re not sure which method to use, our team of experts can help you decide. Contact us today to get started.

All extraction services will be performed under strict Good Laboratory Practices.